Sunday, 14 March 2010

First Dipper eggs

With many territorial birds loafing about, and only one nest checked so far at lining stage, we were expecting first eggs next week. An early morning trip to Happy Valley hoping, in vain, to avoid the legions of dog walkers proved us wrong. The female shot off the nest parting Nev's hair (ha ha) leaving 4 warm eggs. The female at the next territory downstream looked bored perched up a tree keeping its feet dry and not bothering building yet. As we identified the colour rings, a kingfisher, the fourth in 8 days. shot by. Once again we didn't have a net up. As Nev left to sort out paternal duties on Mothers' Day, I headed for the Nursery, but with the wind getting up yet another influx of REEBUs skipped the feeding station nets. A similar situation prevailed at the whoosh net, so we only processed a Jay, our 14th new Jay since the middle of October and another adult. Before Jake disappeared to carry out filial duties we managed to find a couple of LOTTI nests currently at N1 stage; will they escape the MAGPIs this year for a change?

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