Monday, 7 December 2009

Interesting, but not a hen.

The Goyt valley between Marple Bridge in Stockport and New Mills in High Peak is regarded by local shooters as 'Woodcock alley', and in the winter months it is not uncommon to flush one or two in bits of woodland anywhere nearby. At that time of year they are regularly seen flying over our ringing site nr Macclesfield. A request from Adele Powell for Woodcock feathers resulted in a modification to my permit, and David and Jake flushed five birds in a local wood.
As a break from ringing finches we slung a net across a woodland ride followed by beating up to it. A bird flushed from its roost stormed over the net at a height of 4 metres. Yesterday working partly on a hint from Jim Hodson about nest finding we moved the net 50 metres down the ride and tried again. It was 1400 hrs and the sun was out, and the first bird flushed, and our ringing group's 2nd went straight in the net. A second bird doubled back well before reaching the net. It was satisfying to post off a few feathers for stable isotope analysis; good luck with the PhD Adele.


  1. Yhis link might be of interest if your ringing woodcock or perhaps you already know about it

  2. Thanks for your response. The ageing details are quite splendid.