Sunday, 27 December 2009

Toys for the boys

It's a sort of birding bling; a karibiner with built in LED, fitted onto the neck sling to read the controls on a new walkie-talkie. So on a cold morning Jake was finally allowed into the whoosh net hide with all his paraphernalia and the trigger, while David fed sausages into the George Foreman. Within minutes Jake's voice came through 'There are two REEBUs in the catching area what shall I do'. Well he was hoping for a Fieldfare ringing tick and Reed Bunting is only our target species at the Nursery. 'Fire Jake!' and I rounded the corner to see the net still set.
'Why didn't you fire then?' 'Well I was just about to when the next door neighbours slammed their car door.......' He still hasn't got that ringing tick either.

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