Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Chardonneret for LOTTIs

To say that Long Tailed Tits like cheese would be an understatement, and the modified Chardonneret in the photograph exploits this to target the species for ringing purposes.
The door for this active trap, triggered by the ringer, is clipped to the top of the trap when not in use. The small mesh box at the back of the trap is for the cheese. This is an effective method but if allowed these birds are high maintenance


  1. I worry a bit about catching Lottis individually at this time of year with many in irruptive mode at the likes of Heysham and needing to be released together to maintain the momentum or whatever is going on in their heads. Having said that, do irruoptive flocks visit feeders?



  2. The method catches multiple LOTTIs, and there are usually retraps. I suggest there is more of a problem with a single bird caught in a mist net?
    By processing AA birds first, the flock is usually, in our case, in earshot anyway.



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