Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Lostock Nursery Heligoland, N.E. Cheshire

Not everyone gets a Heliogoland trap for his 15th birthday; here is Jake's. The entrance has feeders, feeding table and the white box protecting the infra red CCTV camera.
The hoops are from a redundant greenhouse, and the entrance hoop supports a drop net shown furled.

A view towards the entrance shows the curtain release strings with the left one leading to the trigger.

To the rear of the trap is the double door running on a castor and concrete arc, which closes off the funnel and ramp and leaves an exit at the rear to allow any birds to escape should they enter the trap when not in use.

The catching box and extraction port from the rear. The box door is closed but the tipping plate and restraining screen are not visible.

Finally the control monitor, and release trigger (hanging from the blue tube behind the monitor)
The desk and seat were retrieved from a skip!
Just sit in comfort with a hot drink and select the birds.

Our ringing priority is Reed Bunting; wish us luck.

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